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Life Expectancy (LE), 2001
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Life Expectancy (LE), 2001
Life Expectancy at birth in 2001 is the expected average life span of a child born in 2001; if prevailing mortality rates would continue indefinitely into the future.
"Life expectancy is a useful measure to compare the mortality experience between populations geographically or over time. Significant variations have been found compared to the Victorian average for both males and females. The columns labelled ""sig"" show the statistical significance of the results. H a life expectancy at birth significantly higher than Victorian average L a life expectancy at birth significantly lower than Victorian average * a statistically significant change in life expectancy between the two periods."
Life expectancy at birth over the period 1992 to 1996; and 1997 to 2001; was calculated for each Local Government Area and Health Region. For each LGAs estimate of life expectancy at birth; 95% confidence intervals were calculated by simulation methods. More recent life expectancy data are available at
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