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Years of Life Lost (YLL), 2001
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Years of Life Lost (YLL), 2001
Years of Life Lost are the mortality component of the DALY determined for each cause of death by the remaining life expectancy at the age of death.
The estimates of YLL allow the relative ranking of the importance of premature deaths as part of the total burden of each disease. There is a marked contrast between cancers where YLL comprises most of the disease burden and mental disorders where YLL contribute very little. A detailed breakdown by age and sex is provided.
For a death at each age; the YLL are determined by the remaining life expectancy. For example; a person dying at age 50 loses 30 years assuming a life expectancy of 80. The older a person is; the fewer remaining years of life expectancy that person has and the fewer YLL that person would contribute to the total burden. Conversely; the death of a young person contributes more YLL to the total burden. Deaths at all ages contribute years to the total YLL since for every age there is remaining life expectancy.
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