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Years Lived with Disability (YLD), 1996
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Years Lived with Disability (YLD), 1996
Years Lived with Disability are the morbidity component of the DALY that captures the burden in a population due to years lived in less than full health. It represents the years of healthy life lost due to living with disability; disease or injury; adjusted for severity.
"The estimates of YLD allow the relative ranking of the importance of non-fatal disease and injury. The inclusion of the non-fatal health outcomes component provides a substantially different picture from that of traditional mortality based assessments of population health. It allows for the impact of mental disorders; hearing loss; arthritis and other painful or disabling but non-fatal conditions to be included. The importance of these diseases to the population; which has been hidden in earlier health status measures; is now made more explicit. Greater explanation of the calculation of YLD for each disease can be found in the Victorian Burden of Disease Morbidity report at website <a href=""""></a> A detailed breakdown by age and sex is provided."
YLD are calculated as a future stream of illhealth arising from new cases of disease that started in 1996. That number of new cases is multiplied by the averagenumber of years the disease is expected to affect the individuals and weighted by a severity weight (Disability weight) to reflect the proportion of each year that is lost to the ill effects of the disease. The Disability weights range for example from 0.02 for mild vision loss to 0.95 for terminal cancer.
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